Brave Introduced Brave Rewards on Android, but Users Are Not Happy

You must have already heard about Brave browser if you hate advertisement while browsing. Brave Browser is available both for Android & desktop and allows its user to safeguard their privacy and security. Recently Brave introduced Brave Rewards on Android. It is a way to reward their users for seeing the advertisement. But people are feeling ditched already.


Brave Introduced Brave Rewards on Android


On 17th April 2019, Brave announces through their blog post that they are introducing a new “Brave Rewards system” for their Android users. Earlier only desktop users can activate Brave reward and help their favorite content creators.

So with the latest version of Brave for Android (1.0.91), users can sign-up if they want to earn BAT tokens for free in lieu of seeing the advertisement and also can support content creators. After this news, we also see an increase in the price of BAT tokens in all the exchanges.

As the main moto of the Brave browser is privacy & security along with advertisement-free experience, so with this announcement user felt ditched. Users felt that Brave is completely doing the opposite of what it is meant for.


How to Signup for Brave Rewards?


To participate in ‘Brave Rewards on Android‘, you just have to install the Brave browser on your Android device and activate Brave Rewards by clicking on the BAT logo in the URL bar as shown below.


Brave Rewards - Join Program


If you noticed the above screenshot, you will see the Brave team is calling these ads as “privacy-respecting ads“. This means they are still concern about your privacy and nothing will be compromised even if you watch the advertisement in Brave network.

From the earned Basic Attention Token (BAT) tokens you can support your content creators (publishers, YouTube channels, and soon Twitch streamers) by giving them donations on a re-occurring basis or onetime. Currently, there are nearly 50,000 verified creators in the Brave Publisher program.


Why Brave Android Users are So Upset?


After this new announcement, users of Brave browsers have started giving negative reviews about Brave browser Android applications and according to them, they are only using it because of Ads-free experience and privacy. Even some are ready to pay to keep the browser ads free as it was before.

Below are some of the reviews of users from the Google Play store which you will find interesting.


Brave Browser User Rating 1 for Brave Rewards

Brave Browser User Rating 2 for Brave Rewards

Brave Browser User Rating 3 for Brave Rewards


There are many other bad users ratings & comments about this new update, do check them out of you have some time.

Please let us know what you think about this new Brave Rewards program on Android and are you going to participate in it or continue to use brave browser ad-free. Do you think Brave will take back this update after as users have started retaliating it? Do let us know your opinion through comments.

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