How to Sell PI Coin

Pi Network has exploded in popularity as a new digital currency that anyone with a mobile phone can easily mine. Over 30 million people around the world are already mining Pi coin by simply clicking a button on the Pi Network app every day.

As the number of Pi miners continues growing at a rapid pace, many people wonder – will it be possible to sell Pi coins in the future and actually make money?

In this article, We will cover everything you need to know about selling Pi coin; from an overview of what Pi coin is, how it works, and what gives this unique cryptocurrency value, to the various options that will be available for cashing out your Pi holdings once the project reaches key milestones in its roadmap.

How to Sell PI Coin

What is PI Coin?

PI coin is a new digital currency being developed by the Stanford PhDs who founded Pi Network. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, PI coin can be “mined” on a smartphone without draining your battery or using up network bandwidth.

By making simple contributions to the Pi ecosystem, you earn PI that can potentially hold real-world value when Pi Network enables exchanges and mainnet wallet transfers.

How to Mine PI Coin

To mine PI coin, download the Pi Network app on your smartphone and click the lighting icon once per day. The more people you invite to join your “security circle” in the app, the more PI you can earn through shared mining. Mining PI does not drain your phone’s battery or use up data.

Right now, you can only join with the help of an invitation.

How to Sell PI Coin

As of now, PI is not listed on any exchanges, and mainnet wallet transfers are not enabled. But here are some options to sell PI once you’ve accumulated some from mining:

Sell to Other Pi Users

Once enough PI users are onboarded, Pi Network plans to enable peer-to-peer transfers. At that point, you can sell your PI to other members who want to buy PI.

The Pi Marketplace chat allows users to find potential buyers and sellers.

Wait for Exchange Listings

The most lucrative option will be to wait until Pi enables exchanges, then you can cash out your PI holdings for fiat or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As one of the largest mined cryptocurrencies in terms of userbase, many exchanges will want to list PI when the time comes.

Use PI for Payments

If enough merchants accept PI as payment, you can directly spend your PI to buy goods and services instead of selling. PI’s goal is to become an everyday currency, so look for retailers that accept PI payments when mainnet launches.

In conclusion, mining and accumulating PI now is an investment into a promising cryptocurrency with a huge user base. Even if you don’t plan to use PI as a currency, you will likely have ample opportunities to sell or exchange your holdings.

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