Indian YouTube CryptoCurrency Community Reply to RBI Decision

Recently, RBI asked banks not support any kind of services or activities which deal in cryptocurrency or virtual currency. This caused panic in Indian cryptocurrency world as Indian investors won’t be able to deposit the money in crypto exchanges or can do a withdrawal. And many crypto investors sold their cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc., which dropped the price of cryptocurrency way below the international market.

Becuase of this RBI decision, many YouTubers who are running cryptocurrency channels and are our crypto gurus, have also opposed this decision of RBI and almost of the YouTubers has published the video showing what they think about it.

All of them think, this is the worst decision which RBI has made for crypto investors in India and this will increase the unemployment, black market, money laundering, etc. and is not fulfilling the Modi Government vision of Digital India.


Indian YouTube CryptoCurrency Mega Collab in Response to RBI new rule


Now, because of this, all the Crypto YouTube community has joined hands and all of them are urging RBI to take their latest decision on cryptocurrency back and bring some regulated reform.

YouTubers like Money Guru, Earn with RK, Crypto Point Hindi, Earn with Sapna, Global Rashid, Crypto India, Digital Marketing India, Open4Profit, Money King, etc. had a mega collaboration today on Money Guru YouTube channel and put their point in front of all the live audience and all crypto lovers and also asked direct questions to RBI.

We would also like you to all sign the below petition and do join the isupportcrypto Fb group.


Petition Link:-

Official isupportcrypto Fb group:-


Check the below videos.


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