8 Free Websites to Learn About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Both “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” are not a new name in the technology field today. They are becoming one of the most demanded skills in today’s world. If you want to learn about blockchain & cryptocurrency, then you should read this article as it contains links to the free sources to learn these intriguing technologies.


Learn About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Learn About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency from these 8 Websites


1. Binance Academy

Binance Academy is an initiative from Binance to make people aware of blockchain and cryptocurrency world. You can learn blockchain and cryptocurrency for free anytime as per your schedule.

Through this website, you can start learning the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain use cases, about Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes, Blockchain security and many more things. Do check out Binance Academy if you want to learn more about blockchain.



National Programme On Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is a joint initiative from IITs and IISc to offer online courses and certification in various topics. Last year it has started its Blockchain course which anyone can enroll with their email address.

It is a certification course and if you like to earn Blockchain certification you will have to give the exam. There is a small exam fee and currently, the exam can only be given in India.

This course on “Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases“, aims to cover both the conceptual as well as application aspects of Blockchain. This includes the fundamental design and architectural primitives of Blockchain, the system, and the security aspects, along with various use cases from different application domains.


3. Edx.org

Edx is a well know website for providing free courses from universities like Harvard, MIT, etc. It has a lot of courses on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. You can start from the fundamental of Blockchain and go until its development.

Similar to NPTEL, you can also achieve certification for your course for a small fee, but the course is absolutely free. We would highly recommend you to check out their courses.


4. Springboard

Springboard is offering a free course on blockchain for the people who want to learn about blockchain structure and applications. Anyone with the interest in blockchain & cryptocurrency can join this course. This is a 21+ hours course.

This course will tell you what is blockchain, different types of blockchain implementations, applications of blockchain technology aside from cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), principal features of blockchain technology and how they can solve complex problems, why blockchain technology is considered so innovative as internet technology, etc.


5. Coursera.org

This is another good website to learn about different new technology for free from various universities. They are offering multiple courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency and one of them is the course on “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” from Princeton University which is an 11-week self-paced course.

They also have some other related course to learn about blockchain basics, Ethereum, etc. Do check them out if you want to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency.


6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a small course on Bitcoin which can teach you about Bitcoin overview, Bitcoin blockchain, proof of work, about its security and many other things about Bitcoin.

So, do check out this course.


7. UNIC – Blockchain Initiative

The University of Nicosia is offering a free course called “Introduction to Digital Currencies“. Anyone around the world can join this course if interested in learning the basics of Digital Currencies.

This course is designed to provide a basic introduction on decentralized digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as Bitcoin. If you want to learn more about digital currencies, this could be the best course for you.


8. Stanford University

Stanford is also offering a free course on “Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies“. The course covers all aspects of cryptocurrencies, including distributed consensus, blockchains, smart contracts, and applications.

This course specifically focuses on detail on Bitcoin and Ethereum as case studies. You will be given homework and projects like any traditional course. Do check it out if you want to learn about blockchain from the top university.

We hope you like this article on “learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency for free“. If you know about any other source offering the complete course for free, please comment down below.

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