SendPulse Giving MERCI Crypto Tokens for Using Their Services

SendPulse, an email marketing company, has come up with a unique way to reward their users and promote their product too. They have launched “Loyalty Program” based on MERCI crypto tokens, where they are going to reward their active users with the Merci crypto tokens.


SendPulse Giving MERCI Crypto Tokens


What is Merci?


As per SendPulse team, now they will not provide any flash discounts or sale which are only for limited time. Instead, they will now have ‘loyalty program’ based on digital token called MERCI. This is the reward for using their service. So basically Merci is digital or cryptocurrency token from SendPulse to encourage customers.

This virtual currency can be used on their website to purchase different plans. But in future, it can be used on other websites for purchasing different services as well.


How to earn Merci tokens?


Earning Merci token is very simple. You just have to sign up and use their service. They provide free email service for up to 2500 subscribers.

For creating a FREE SendPulse account you can get 5 Merci tokens. And for sending at least 10,000 emails you get 30 tokens. Also, there is a different token reward for the different plan. Even if you send emails from your free account, you get FREE MERCI token (Sending at least 2,500 emails via SMTP). Get full information about SendPulse loyalty program here.


SendPulse Loyalty Program


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Price of Merci Token


Currently, this token can only be used within SendPulse and they have no plan for its ICO. As per their website, the token price is equivalent to $0.01 for 1 MERCI.


Future of Merci Token


In future, SendPulse has thought to launch the Merci token to all popular cryptocurrency exchanges, where you can trade the currency with other and can also withdraw to cryptocurrency wallets.

They have also plans to collaborate with different brands, so that they cann accept Merci tokens as payment for their products and services.

We think this is a splendid move by any email service providing company and other should also follow the same becuase today or tomorrow, everything will be on blockchain. Additionally, this will be very beneficial for webmasters who use email service to connect with their subscribers.

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