Web Developer Position Available at Exodus

Exodus is a desktop application built using Electron with backend services written in Node.js. Exodus has a built-in exchange feature that allows people to seamlessly exchange assets with a single click. Currently, they are looking for “Web Developer” who can write backend servers in Node.js that integrate Exodus with our partners’ APIs. The intriguing fact about this job is that it is a remote job and your salary will be paid in Bitcoin (BTC).


Web Developer Position Available at Exodus


As an Exodus Web Developer, you will be working directly with the Exodus design team taking completed designs and turning them into a functional code to deploy on the Exodus website.

Exodus is looking for a Web Developer who is excited about the blockchain and motivated by understanding the user’s perspective and enjoys working directly with designers discussing animation, colors, layouts, styles and overall usability.


Responsibilities of a Web Developer at Exodus


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  • Translate design and interaction requirements into solutions which are fully functional on the Exodus web site across all web browsers.
  • Use JavaScript, HTML5, SASS/CSS3 in solutions. (React experience a major plus.)
  • Set and enforce best practices for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Work with the Exodus Design Team and Quality Assurance to build and test solutions.



Requirements of a Web Developer at Exodus


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  • Web developer who has a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • You are humble and enjoy listening to others and working in a team environment.
  • You have exchanged digital assets before and hold some of your savings in blockchain assets.
  • You love watching users interact with your creations and bringing your ideas to life.
  • You consider yourself a professional who stays on top of current and emerging web standards.
  • You are a strong communicator who is analytical and possesses documentation skills.
  • You understand the details of working with responsive design.
  • You strive to understand the opinions of others, and when disagreements happen, to create a long-term positive team-dynamic.
  • You are a self-motivated problem solver with a strong eye for detail.
  • You see the potential of design bringing blockchain technology to the masses.
  • You have excellent references and a history of trust and established relationships in former careers.



Salary and Payment

Exodus Web Developers make between 40k – 150k+ USD based on experience. All salaries are paid in Bitcoin.


How To Apply

Email Your live HTML/CSS work links and a few words on why you think you are a good fit highlighting any of the above items to [email protected]. If you have a resume/CV, please attach it in PDF form only.

NOTE: As part of the interview process, Exodus team can also give you a home-based test using a small component of a finished design (in Sketch) and expect to see how this can be turned into a web component.

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