The Electroneum Powered Freelance Economy Platform

Good news for all the freelancers and crypto lovers as Electroneum has launched beta version of their new freelancing platform called Electroneum is the mobile-based cryptocurrency which launched its ICO in 2017.

AnyTasks is very similar to other freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork where users can sell or purchase different services like writing, design, production and any other services. It will allow both individuals and businesses to buy digital services from sellers around the world.


AnyTasks Electroneum Powered Freelance Economy Platform


So what’s the catch.


The only thing which makes this platform unique is that the seller will get payment in cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) and they don’t require a bank account to sell their services or receive payments.


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How Does It Work?


Working on is very simple and similar to any other online platform. Sellers will make gigs of their services and buyers will buy the services using Credit or Debit Card and the seller receives this payment in Electroneum (ETN). This enables anyone to sell on AnyTasks, whether they have a bank account or not.


Available Jobs


Right now, sellers can list anything which could be typically found in other major freelancing sites. This includes anything from graphic design and video editing, to video messages and arts & crafts. has also plan to grow its services to the local market if its platform grows.


Zero Fees

Yes, you heard it right. Sellers would receive 100% of their profits. This is done by converting fiat payments to Electroneum (ETN) by one of their partners, making the entire process simple for both buyer and seller.


How to apply for


The application process is very simple, you just have to visit their website and become a beta tester.

While signing up they will ask some simple questions like if you have any previous experience with freelancing, or can you provide any services, etc. Once done, you can start selling their services.

This is a very good opportunity for people where banking is very costly or even not accessible. If you are into crypto space, do check it out and provide your feedback. We wish good luck to the Electroneum team and hope their project would succeed in coming future.

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