Top 5 Best Ethereum Software Wallets

Ethereum doesn’t need any introduction and without wasting any time we would like you to tell about some of the best free Ethereum software wallets currently available. These will be the combination of desktop programs, Android apps, and Web browser extensions/addons. So, let’s get started and check out the best wallets for your Ethereum at no cost.


Best Ethereum Software Wallets


Points To Be Considered While Selecting Ethereum Software Wallets


There are some important points which you should keep in mind before storing any of your cryptocurrencies in any of the software or hardware wallets.

Security: It is one of the most important factors to check. Before transferring your digital asset to any of the wallets, do check its security features and also see if its wallet has been hacked or not.

Private Keys: Do check where your private keys going to be stored. If the private keys are stored locally on your device, go for that application.

Ease of use: The user interface (UI) of the application or web app should be user-friendly and easy to use and navigate.

Crytpocurrency Support: How many cryptocurrencies are supported by the application is a vital factor. Choose an application that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.


Note: We have not included any Cryptocurrency exchange in the below list.


Best Ethereum Software Wallets


1. MetaMask

It is a web browser add-on and doesn’t need an introduction in the cryptocurrency world. Just in no time, you can transfer Ethereum from the Metamask wallet to any other wallet.


Metamask wallet


Basically, MetaMask act as a bridge that allows you to browse the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

You can install the MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the new Brave browser.


2. MyEtherWallet

It is another very popular free Ethereum wallet and also known as MEW. It helps the crypto users to receive and store Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens at no cost. Being a client-side interface, it helps in interacting with the Ethereum blockchain with ease.




MyEtherWallet is an open-source platform which allows you to generate Ethereum wallets, receive ETH and interact with smart contracts. This wallet has been hacked few times, but now they have revamped it and also tighten the security. Do check it out.


3. Blockchain

It truly justifies its name and helps you in storing your cryptocurrency. Currently, ‘Blockchain Wallet‘ supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Stellar (XLM).


Blockchain Wallet


Its security is also world-class. Once you have created your account and if you try to login, first it will ask to authorize the browser and then will also ask for the 2FA authentication.

Along with the web wallet, you can also sync the same wallet in your Smartphone with the help of their Android app. Do check this number 1 app for storing your cryptocurrency.


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4. Trust

Trust is another Ethereum wallet that has recently become popular after Binance bought it. Its Android app started with only supporting Ethereum, but now it supports all of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, etc. It also supports ERC20, ERC721, and ERC223 tokens.


Trust Wallet


For security, it supports pin and biometrics. When this security feature is turned on, it will require a separate authentication in order to access digital currency even if your device is unlocked.

This wallet provides a full security audited system to send, receive, and store multiple cryptocurrencies. Also, your private keys are stored only on your mobile device. If you want to know how to create a wallet in Trust application, please check this article.


5. Exodus

Exodus is a desktop application and gives you the option to manage & store more than 90+ cryptocurrencies in its wallet. With the help of this software, you can receive, send, store your digital asset. It also lets you exchange the cryptocurrency in the same application.


Exodus_ETH Wallet


Exodus encrypts your private keys and transaction data on your device and it also doesn’t require account setup or verification. Just install the application, setup your password, and start using it.

This desktop application is available for Windows/Mac OS/Linux.

These were some of the best Ethereum software wallets which are free and trusted. If you are using any other, please let us know through your comments.

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