How To Enable Crypto Wallet in Opera Browser

You must have already heard that the Opera web browser has launched a new version of its browser called ‘Reborn3‘ which has an in-built crypto wallet which supports Ethereum (ERC20) tokens and Collectibles. In this article, we will see how to enable crypto wallet in Opera browser and then connect it with your mobile phone.


How To Enable Crypto Wallet in Opera Browser


Opera’s Reborn3 is a first Web 3-ready browser with in-built crypto wallets which lets you store and use cryptocurrency on stores. With this browser, you can also browse use Web 3 applications (dApps) right from your browser.

Before showing you how to enable crypto wallet in Opera browser, first, let’s see what are the benefits of using Opera browser’s crypto wallet.


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  • First major browser to integrate a crypto wallet, enabling seamless access to the emerging web of tomorrow (Web 3).
  • Crypto Payments, right from the browser to Merchants, Other users and apps.
  • Hold your crypto tokens and collectibles, right in your browser wallet.
  • Easy to use and secure the crypto wallet.
  • Make transaction on your desktop.



Steps To Enable Crypto Wallet in Opera Browser


1. Download and install Opera browser. If you already have it, please update.


2. Now, go to Opera browser settings and enable the crypto wallet as shown below.

Crypto Wallet in Opera Browser Desktop Setting


3. Once the crypto wallet is enabled in settings, you will see the wallet icon on the left-hand side. Just click it and it will ask you to download the Opera Android application.

Opera Browser Crypto wallet code


4. Download the Opera Browser Android app from the Play store and click on “Reveal the Code“, which needs to be scanned from your mobile in later steps to connet your desktop wallet to mobile wallet.


5. Now in your Opera mobile browser, go to setting and click on ‘Crypto Wallet‘. It will now give you the option to open a wallet as show below.

Opera Browser Mobile Crypto wallet setting


6. Once you click on “Open Wallet“, a crypto wallet will be open for you. You don’t require any registration for this.


7. Now, to connect this wallet to your computer, go to crypto wallet setting and scan the code shown in step 3. Once successfully scanned, it will show the connected message.

Opera Browser Mobile Crypto wallet connect to Desktop


That’s it, now you can enjoy your ERC20 crypto wallet for free right from your Opera browser.


Note: Please backup your Crypto wallet before doing any transaction.


Hope you must have like this tutorial on how to enable crypto wallet in Opera browser & connect it to your mobile wallet and If you do please share it with your crypto enthusiast friends and family. If you have any query or confusion in the above article, please let us know through your comments.

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