Bitcoin ATM’s are REAL!!

We have seen many pictures showing Bitcoin ATM, but there was no actual video proof of it until now. Now, we have got the video for it. YouTube channel “Crypto Point Hindi” has done live video and shown us how to buy bitcoin through ATM.

This Bitcoin ATM has both the facility of buying the bitcoin using cash and as well as selling your bitcoin for cash.

This Bitcoin ATM is from “plutobtm network“, which deals in buy, sell of digital currencies.


Bitcoin ATM


The process of buying bitcoin is very simple through ATM. As per this video, you just have to go to the Bitcoin ATM and tap on “Buy Bitcoin“. Then it will show you the current rate chart and processing fees. After that, you can tap on “continue” and on the next screen, you will be asked to insert the physical currency notes and then it will show the equivalent amount of BTC, which you will be able to buy form it.

Just continue and scan your Bitcoin (BTC) receiving address when asked in the ATM machine and in real-time, the BTC will be transferred to your wallet.

Check this video yourself and see how to buy Bitcoin using real money through ATM. Note the video location is in Canada and video is in Hindi.


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Hope you are now confident and sure that there are bitcoin ATM’s in this world and people really can buy and sell their bitcoin through them.

Do let us know what are your views about Bitcoin ATM and where would you like to see those ATM’s. That place can be your Country, city, favorite restaurant, cafe, etc. For more such crypto currency news, do not forget to subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

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