Cryptopia Started Registration for Its “Claims Portal”

If you are a Cryptopia account holder and still thinking about the losses due to hacking of their exchange, then here is the good news for you.

Cryptopia which is currently in process of Liquidation has started registration so that you can claim your cryptocurrency. This registration is necessary to enable you to lodge your claim and get your Cryptocurrency back.


Cryptopia Claims Portal


When I first saw the email, I thought it is a fake one, and someone could be trying to steal the information. But, closely looking and opening the email in incognito mode while on VPN gave some assurance.

If you are a Cryptopia customer, you might already have got the email regarding the registration, but in this article, I’m going to explain in detail and what things you need to verify your account. You can check general information regarding registration here.


Step-by-Step Process to Register & Verify for Cryptopia Claims Portal


1. Go to the registration link provided on your email.


2. Once you click the provided link, you will see the “Registration Verification” form, where you will have to enter the email address that you used for creating the account on the Cryptopia portal and the Cryptopia username. If you don’t remember the username, just search your old emails. That is what I did. 🙂


Cryptopia Claims Portal Registration


3. Then you will have to create a password which should be 14 characters or more.


4. Now, comes the important step, where Cryptopia will ask for 2 pieces of account activity to start the verification. This is a little hard I think and if you don’t have details, just forget about claiming your cryptocurrency.


Cryptopia Account ownership Claim


So now, you have to select the activity questions from the list as shown below. I have highlighted 2 questions that are pretty easy to answer if you have not deleted your previous emails.


Cryptopia Claim activity Questions


The first one is “What was the date you registered with Cryptopia?“, so you just have to search your email and get the date when you 1st created your Cryptopia account.

The second question which is easy to answer is “Name 2 or more non base market coins you had in your Cryptopia account (eg. NOT BTC, LTC, DOGE or USDT and excluding Cryptopia Loss Marker)“.

Basically, they want to know which other cryptocurrencies you held in their Cryptocurrency exchange before they were hacked.

So for this, I again searched my old email and couldn’t find any email regarding the transactions which I did on their exchange. Weird!

Looks like they don’t use to send any email regarding transfer or transaction.

To solve this, I found the email regarding the delisting of the coin. If you hold any cryptocurrency, generally exchange sends delisting notice and that was a savior for me.

Thank God they used to send those emails. If you want to search, just look for “Delisting Notice” or “Cryptopia”.


5. Once you have done all the above steps, now you will be shown the final form, where you will have to enter identity details. I think we have not provided any document for this, so just provide whatever it is in your documents. It asks for the date of birth, name, and account type.


Cryptopia Identity details


Once you have done all the above steps, you will get the reference number. You can also check the reference number after logging into your account.

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