Bitmain Ethereum ASIC Miner Available for Pre-Order

Good news for all the cryptocurrency lover as Bitmain, one of the leading manufacturer of ASIC miner, has opened pre-orders for its latest ASIC miner for Ethereum. Yes, you heard it right it is for Ethereum.

Bitmain latest Ethereum ASIC Miner (1st Batch) i.e. Antminer E3, is available for pre-order at their official website now. Till now people were mining Ethereum through hardware rigs using GPU only, but now they have the option to mine directly through ASIC miner.


Bitmain Ethereum ASIC Miner


According to their official website, this miner uses Ethash hashing algorithm and weighs around 13KG. The power consumption of this Ethereum miner is 800W and it can provide hashrate of 180MH/s, which is quite awesome if you compare with GPU mining.


This Ethereum miner does not include the power supply and you will have to buy the power supply separately to power this ASIC miner.


Pricing & Shipping of Antminer E3


The price of Ethereum miner Antminer E3 at the time of writing this article is 800 USD (excluding the shipping cost). Currently, they are only accepting payment in US dollars and BCH (Bitcoin Cash). USD can be wired to their account and to pay via BCH, you have to pay the amount in BCH which is shown once you pre-order within 1 hours of order.

Also, there is a limit to how many miners can 1 user buy. As of now, a single user can only buy 5 miners.

Shipping of Antminer E3 will be started from 16 July 2018 and in case they are ready before the start date, Bitmain will ship them right away and notify the customer by email. Please note that you cannot change the address once you have completed the order and customer has to bear all the customs duty, so plan accordingly.


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Warranty of Ethereum Antminer E3


This miner comes with 180 days of warranty which starts from the shipping date and to avail the warranty user must open a repair ticket on Bitmain’s website. Please node that Overclocking the miner will void the warranty immediately, so please avoid that.


We got the news from “Crypto Point Hindi” YouTube channel, please check the video below.


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How to Buy Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E3


To buy Antminer E3, please follow the below steps.


1. Go to official website and login to the website. If you don’t have the account, please create one like below and verify your account. You will also have to “Bind your Mobile” before login.


Bitmain Registration


2. Once you login to the website, just click on “One-Click Buy“, and choose the quantity.


Buy Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E3


3. Now, add your shipping address and select the shipping method. Please note, DHL and UPS are cheaper than Fedex. Once you have chosen your preferred, shipping method, please click on ‘submit’ at the bottom.


Buy Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E3 -order info


4. Please choose your payment method. We have chosen BCH and click submit.


Buy Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E3 - Pay order


5. Now, you will see final screen, where it will show how you have to make the payment and if you are using BCH payment method, it will show you the address where you have to send the money.


Buy Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E3 - Final Purchase


Once you have done all the above steps, just make the payment as shown on the website. Else your order will get expire.

Please let us know what are your views on this new Ethereum miner by Bitmain through your comments and hope you find this news helpful and would share it with your crypto friends. For more such news and article do, subscribe to our blog now.

Note: CryptoCurrencies are very volatile, so please invest carefully at your own risk.

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