Is Satoshi Nakamoto Back? $477,233 USD Value BTC Moved

Is Satoshi Nakamoto back? Yes, you will be asking this question if you will know this shocking news from the Cryptocurrency world.

Something amazing happened on 20th May 2020 around 08:48 AM. 50 Bitcoins (BTC) which were mined in the early state of Bitcoin mining back in 2009 were transferred from an unknown wallet to two unknown wallets. Due to this news, the price of Bitcoin went down by 500 USD (approx) and it has been a topic of discussion among all the cryptocurrencies gurus and enthusiasts.


Uknown BTC Creator is Back or not?


This news was first reported by @whale_alert Twitter handle, which is famous for tracking crypto transactions from and to exchanges.



The most important question arises here is on the existence of Satoshi Nakamoto because some think it is just a pseudonymous name while some people have claimed themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto. A few months back, even John McAfee claimed to know “Satoshi Nakamoto” on Twitter.

This is discussion is getting very interesting and if you want to take part, just tweet this article with your question along adding the Twitter handle of other crypto lovers or hashtags.

Now, let see some of the below screenshots showing the transfer of 50 BTC which were mined in 2009 and was transferred to address “17XiVVooLcdCUCMf9s4t4jTExacxwFS5uh” on 9th February 2009 and after that BTC was 1st transferred to unknow account on 20th May 2020. That time this was not a big amount, but now it equals $477,233 USD (BTC/USD rate on 20th May 2020) and the value of 40 BTC is around $381,786 USD.


BTC Satoshi Nakamoto moved to Unknown wallet


Within after few hours of that transaction, there have been 13 transactions in total in that account which only show receiving a small amount of BTC. Please note that during the same time approx 10 BTC was also transferred to a new wallet. Both these wallets which received 40 & 10 BTC respectively are almost new and these are the only transaction happened on them.

Some believe this is only a test move and a big dump of Bitcoin is on its way while others think this is just normal and some early miner is need of money. Some also believe this could be the opportunity to by Bitcoin at a cheap price. Do let us know what are your views on this. 🙂

Do let us know what do you think about this news. Does that account really belong to Satoshi Nakamoto or anyone else? Whatever may be your answer, one thing is sure that this wallet belongs to the early miner of the Bitcoin.

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