Decentrium – Digitized Your Database

As the information is growing at an exponential rate, within few years data will grow to trillions of gigabytes. With the increase of this information, the risk of losing the data is also increasing. So to solve this problem Decentrium comes into picture which stores the database on the blockchain on multiple computers.


Decentrium - Digitized Your Database


What is Decentrium?


Decentrium is a peer-to-peer network which will store and share the database (Blockchained) on multiple nodes. All computer in the network or will have a full copy of the database in encrypted form.

In this system, every node will get a copy of the blockchain which will be downloaded automatically and will help in creating an indestructible record that cannot be changed. Additionally, the data authenticity can be verified by the entire organization using the blockchain instead of a single centralized authority. This will surely revolutionize the way data is stored by IT companies and will result in zero accidental data loss incidents.

Note: Decentrium network is based on Bitcoin’s algorithm SHA 256d.


Roadmap of Decentrium


Decentrium roadmap looks impressive and seems like they are running as per their schedule. Its project planning & concept development was started in mid of the year 2017. Soon they were able to generate the seed money and grab 3 projects for blockchain migration.

They have completed their 3 projects in February 2018 and now expanding their project globally for which they have started their ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

As per their roadmap, they will have an internal exchange by July 2018 and after that, they will further collaborate with organizations for mass implementation.

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Token Sale of Decentrium

ICO Start Date: 1st June 2018
ICO End Date: 20th June 2018
Token Starting price: $ 0.80
End Price: $1.20
Total Supply: 21 Million
Tokens for sale: 6 million


ICO Stages of Decentrium

Looking at the starting and ending price, you will get 50% profit at the end of the sale itself if you have bought the token at the 1st sale. The token sale is happening in 5 stage and each day there will 300,000 tokens for sale. Price of coin increases by 10 cents after every stage.

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What’s In It For You?


Here are the few things which you can consider before investing in this ICO.

Staking: Earn just by holding DCX as we will be sharing 50% profits from clients migrating to DCX blockchain architecture with DCX holders.

Mining: Generate DCX through mining and sell on the open market.

Trading: DCX will be listed on major exchanges for trading.

Payment: You can use DCX to pay for migration fees (service charge) and storage rentals (if the clients prefer DCX as the form of payment).

In our point of view, Decentrium can really solve the problem of data getting attacked by viruses or ransomware and could be the next big thing and will revolutionize how enterprises save and store their data. Though the question is how the customer can use this data on blockchain in real-time and this is what seems missing from their short and concise whitepaper.

Do let us know what are your thoughts on Decentrium and their vision and will big firms will migrate their databases to the Blockchain. If you have any question or query do let us know through your comments below and subscribe to this website for more ICO reviews.

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