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Sharpay is providing the awesome opportunity to both the content creators and visitors. Do check out and see how you can earn the free token just by sharing the content.

Have you ever thought of earning money or say cryptocurrency from the things which you are already doing? Yes, you can!

We browse hundreds of websites daily and share their content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But what we get?

Now there is a system by which you can earn FREE cryptocurrency while sharing, which is called Sharpay and in this article we are going to review it.


Sharpay Sharing is the new mining


What is Sharpay?


Sharpay is a new innovative way to share the content via multi-share button place on the website with blockchain-based rewards for users who share using this service. Multisharing is a chance to share content in many social networks in one click. Users receive rewards for sharing or whenever someone visits the website through their shared links. This implies conversion growth for sites and easy & rewarding sharing for the users.

The Sharpay button can look like anything, for example, it can be designed like sharing button on this website or can also be customized for any web pages. The Sharpay button can be any color and shape, it can have any logos of connected social networks. The most important feature of the button is that the code, that is activated once you click on the button. Also, we are able to use our own style and match it with the code.


How Users & Website Owners Can Get Benefit from Sharpay

As told above, Sharpay is a new technique of sharing on a popular website and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, etc. Sharing helps website owners to gain authority and traffic. Additionally, sharing shows how popular is the website and can also bring advertising opportunity.

Site owners can sign up for webmasters account and get the code for this service and can implement it on their website. They have also now developed a WordPress plugin, which will give WordPress webmaster ease of implementation.

Now, once the visitor visits your webpage and shares your content through Sharpay, he gets the reward in form of Sharpay token. Currently, they are giving 1 token for sharing. The current price of Sharpay token is 0.00003 ETH.

So, you can share the article and can get rewarded in form of token. You will only earn FREE tokens in the websites which are using Sharpay.


We have implemented this system on our website for the testing purpose, please use floating sharing option on the RIGHT side and earn FREE TOKENS. Do let us know in case of any problem.


Token Sale of Sharpay

Start: March 1, 2018
End: 31St May 2018
Token price: 0.00003 ETH
Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH
Bonus: 40%, 30%, 20% (+5% when buying > 10 ETH)
Tokens for sale: 1.420 billion


Currently, they have successfully raised $3m from ICO sale and it is still going if you want to buy. Sharpay has been also rated as TOP 5 active ICO globally by ICObench with a rating of 4.8 by cryptocurrency experts.

Looking at their roadmap, it is quite clear that they have a clear vision and working hard towards their goal. Timeline proofs this and shows that they are working as per their schedule. Sharpay team is also looking dynamic with clear goals in their mind. They have very talented people in their advisory board and technical team. Do explore them at Sharpay website.


Sharpay Roadmap


We are really impressed that they have the working product and how it will provide more visibility to the website owners and rewards to the visitors. Hope to see the implementation of this service on multiple other websites.

Hope you like this ICO review of Sharpay. Do let us know what is your point of view about it and how it will help in solving the real-life problems. Soon, we will be publishing an article on how to create an account on Sharpay to get the code for sharing and how to implement it on your website. So, do not forget to subscribe to our website.

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