John McAfee Claims to Know “Satoshi Nakamoto” on Twitter

In a very shocking tweet, John McAfee has claimed that he knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto. This tweet is a big addition to ongoing drama in the cryptocurrency world where Craig Wright claimed he is real Satoshi after which many big exchanges like Binance, Kraken, etc. have delisted the Bitcoin SV coin.


John McAfee Claims to Know Satoshi Nakamoto


According to the tweet in John McAfee official twitter account, he knows who is Satoshi and as per him, imposters are making the false claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, who is said to be the man behind Bitcoin.

As per John tweet, he will be narrowing down the identity of Satoshi every day until he reveals himself or John is going to do that. Check out his tweet yourself below.



After this tweet, other cryptocurrency enthusiasts have trolled John on this twitter account and does not believe on his claim. Also, some people asked if “Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive and has access to 1 Million Bitcoin” and the answer to this question from John McAfee was YES.

Also, in one of his previous tweets, he said: “Who is Satoshi?” mystery should end. He also claimed the person who wrote the first Bitcoin whitepaper is currently in the US. Yes he is talking about Satoshi Nakamoto.



So do you believe in John McAfee claim that he knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto or you think he is just creating another buzz?

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