[Top 10] Richest Verge (XVG) Addresses in the Blockchain by Balance

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the richest wallet addresses containing more than 30% of the Verge (XVG) coins. Verge is not a new name in the Cryptocurrency realm and has been there since 2014. Verge (XVG) is an open-source privacy coin and uses the anonymity tool Tor and an anonymous network layer I2P to hide specific transactions’ IP addresses and locations.


[Top 10] Richest Verge (XVG) Addresses in the Blockchain by Balance


On Dec 23, 2017, Verge (XVG) reached its all-time high value which was $0.300588 USD making some traders very rich and is still one of the favorite cryptocurrencies for many of us.


Verge XVG All Time High


Top 10 Richest Verge (XVG) Addresses


Below are the top 10 richest XVG wallet addresses holding millions of Verge coins. In total, they hold around 30% of the total circulating supply.



This address holds 1,788,526,915.17671100 XVG coins which estimate around $12,120,274.58 USD currently and this is 10.97% of the circulating supply and is too much for medium traders like us. As of now, this account has only 34 transactions.

The coins in this account were purchased just before the Verge was going to hit ATH. Maybe this is the reason for its all-time high value.


2. DGY5xJeYzvXniEvmQeFPYSvKzBjmtzwRmd

This address holds around 3.83% of the total circulating supply of XVG which is 625,010,120.50 XVG coins. The estimated worth is $4,237,662.37 USD as of now.


3. DQkwDpRYUyNNnoEZDf5Cb3QVazh4FuPRs9

Currently, this address has 600,000,000.0 Verge coins which are 3.68% of the total circulating supply. This address is very active and has a total of 130740 transactions and almost daily we can see the transaction of 50,000,000.0 XVG coins which is strange.


4. D76EBMSp9sRinAKk4PK74Av94SxPkrL8QL

This address is 4th in our list with 500,000,024.0 XVG coins which form 3.07% of the total circulating supply. All these coins values $3,390,075.16 USD as of now. This account has only 36 transactions till now and the first transaction happened on 6 Feb 2016 when the values of XVG were only 3 satoshis.



This account holds 2.01% of the total circulating supply Verge coin which values $2,221,998.49 USD as of now. The total coins in this account are 327,721,139.66224400. This account is rather new as compared to the above ones and the first transaction in this account took place on 23 Aug 2019.


6. D5h2L8K1iLQcUfC2G1afgaceDEbakznymD

Total XVG coins in this account are 213,643,708.32309400 which values around $1,448,536.39 USD as of now. This is 1.31% of the total circulating supply Verge. This is also a very active account and transactions from the past few months are happening daily. It looks like this account belongs to an XVG whale


7. D6oMT8y13XiospytDbLVn7cT4C4AM9LsyH

Total coins in this address are 200,000,000.00 which is 1.23% of the total circulating supply. This is a very old account and only has 4 transactions till now. The total estimated value of these coins is $1,379,114.0 USD.



Total coins in this account are 188,137,014.00 which is around $1,275,597.18 USD. This in total makes around 1.15% of the total circulating supply. This account is not active for 1 year now.


9. DNgveUFJ49HfERaVLazC5A87c8iGdXbudo

This address holds 182,344,586.7790280 Verge coins which are 1.12% of the total circulating supply. The total worth of these coins is $1,236,323.65 USD. This account was first active in 2019 and still doing some transactions on a monthly basis.


10. D7FHkzZzCZsxmeHZFitU66yuW5MPJxVfG3

This address is at number 10 and has 180,000,106.00 total coins which estimate around $1,220,427.72 USD. Also, this is 1.10% of the total circulating supply of the Verge coin. This account is currently in a sleeping state and the last transaction from this account was don in May 2018.


Note: All the data provided in this article can change due to the changing value of Verge (XVG) and incoming/outgoing of the token from the addresses.

We believe these addresses belong to early miners and whales of this coin. Do let us know what you think about these accounts and if you are interested in more such articles. Do not forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more such articles. If you want to check the top 50 addresses which hold Verge coins, please check the source link.

Source: https://verge-blockchain.info/richlist

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