Earn Free Ethereum using Cent Social Media Platform [Proof Included]

There are lots of platform in blockchain biosphere which claims users can earn cryptocurrencies by using their platform, but actually how many of them are legit? Today we will be discussing about one of the social media platform called Cent, which allows users to earn Ethereum (ETH) if they take part in the discussion or do small tasks.

In this article, we will see how to create an account on Cent.co, how to participate in the discussion which pays you and how to withdraw Ethereum to your wallet.


Earn Ethereum using Cent


What is Cent?


Cent is a social media platform on Ethereum blockchain where anyone can earn cryptocurrency from anywhere.

It is one of the very simplest platforms to use. Cent users can post, reply, seed and sort the best responses. The main objective of Cent is to create a platform which is easy to use and reward the people who are using social media.

Traditional social media platform like Facebook, Instagrams, Twitter, etc. are one of the major platforms where people are posting, sharing and engaging with others for free, so cent is providing the opportunity where people can earn for this.


According to the Cent: Cent is built on the notion that the connective value of a network is what should earn it profits, but the substantive value — the content coming from individuals within the networks — should be redirected autonomously to the users within the network who benefit most from that value.


How To Create Cent Account?


How to Join Cent


Creating an account on Cent.co is very easy. Just visit their website and click on the join button after entering your details like username and password. Then it will ask for your Centian name. Here just give the name you like and submit. This name cannot be changed later, so think and then choose your name wisely.

Once the above steps are done, you will receive a verification email, just click on the verification link and start using Cent platform.


Note: Start your journey at Cent by creating an introduction post, so the people can know you.


How To Earn using Cent?


We are sure, you must be reading this article to know how you can earn cryptocurrency using Cent social media platform, so let see how it is done.

You can earn free Ethereum through Cent, by creating an article (You earn when some seed your post), seeding others post, tipping (when someone tips you) and replying to the other user post which offers a bounty.

After trying Cent for a few weeks, we would say, the best way to earn Ethereum for free using Cent is seeding and taking part in bounty posts.

If you are seeding someone’s else post, be sure to be the first person to do that because Cent distribute 25% of all the seeds to the content creator and 75% to all the previous seeders, so if you seed first, 75% of your seeded amount will be back to you and then if someone else seeds after you, then you will receive some percentage of the seed as well.

Now, if we talk about bounty post, they allow a user to earn for just replying to that post. If your reply is meaningful you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency or some user also might tip you for that reply. So always make good and related comments.


Cent Filter Bounties


The best way to track expiring and new bounties is to use the filter option as shown above. Then after seeing the bounty amount and how many people will receive it, you comment on the post.


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How To Withdraw Ethereum from Cent? | Proof of Withdrawal


As you know Cent is based on Ethereum blockchain and currently user can only withdraw Ethereum (ETH) to their Ethereum wallet. So, let see how to withdraw your earned cryptocurrency from this innovative social media platform.

To withdraw, go to your account. It will show you the balance in your Cent account. Now, just click ‘Withdraw‘, it will give you the option to withdraw from your balance. You can withdraw the complete amount or in parts.


Cent Withdraw Ethereum


Once you have made the withdrawal request, you will get to authorize this by signing through your crypto wallet. We did it through our Opera in-built crypto wallet.

Below is the screenshot of our account where we withdraw the Ethereum which we earned in a few days.


Cent Withdrawal proof

Cent Ethereum Wallet deposit proof


We have done this withdraw, just for creating this article and to make our readers aware that there are genuine platforms through which you can earn free cryptocurrency. Also, we will try to bring the video of the withdrawal soon, so stay connected with us.

We hope you will use this social media platform and start earning ethereum while sharing your content which you already do over other social media platforms. Do let us know what are your thoughts on Cent and how it is different from other platforms on the blockchain after you have tried it.

If you join Cent after reading this article, do mention it on your introductory post and do follow us on Cent @mycryptohustle. Also, share this article with your friends and family, so they can also join Cent platform and start earning anytime from anywhere.

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